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Hello, I'm Lolly and welcome to IrresistaBulls!  I have owned and sold English Bulldogs for 10 years.  My breeding program is located in Santee, South Carolina.  The main goal for me is pretty straight forward:  To sell you a high quality English Bulldog puppy.  Helping families in North Carolina and South Carolina is my primary focus, but we will sell to anyone wanting an IrresistaBull.  When you decide to reserve your English Bulldog puppy, their registration will be AKC or CKC.  If your dream is to find a gorgeous pure bred English Bulldog, you landed at the right place for sure!  To get information on pricing and current openings please visit AvailaBulls.

English Bulldog Breeders in NC - SC

English Bulldogs are the breed I fell in love with.  They are the most amazing dogs in the world.  I am a responsible ethical breeder with a high regard for great health, specializing in quality genetics.  My English Bulldogs are standard, wrinkly, big boned, family oriented pets.  Most bloodlines have been imported from top notch show champion dogs located in Spain, Russia, and the Ukraine.  I only raise standard and Black Tri Bulldogs. I do not breed rare colored bullies such as merle, blue, chocolate, or lilac. All my puppies are weaned and started on hard kibble by the time they depart!  The type of food you choose to feed your Bully is extremely important to his/her health.

All my pups are raised inside our family home around children with lots of love/attention.  They will leave with full registration paperwork, and of course, pre-spoiled  🙂  Every pup has their current shots, dewormings and a full one year health guarantee!  Healthy English Bulldogs are our specialty!

English Bulldog Breeders in NC - SC

Raising English Bulldogs

English Bulldogs are an AWESOME breed, and possess a natural comical look that makes you smile on rainy days 🙂  Bulldogs usually require a C-section for delivery of the puppies and artificial insemination.  The cost to raise a litter of healthy English Bulldog puppies can range between 2 and 4 thousand dollars!!  Yes, you read that correctly!  It is very pricey for the breeder, but I personally love what I do.

My passion is producing healthy Bulldogs at a reasonable price for loving families.  The average litter size is around 4 puppies.  The cost for a C-section, is 7 to 9 hundred dollars assuming it is during normal Vet hours.  After hours, weekends, and holidays will cost extra.  To breed the female, is between 5 hundred and 1 thousand dollars for the semen/stud service plus shipping.  There is also the female pre-fertility tests, exams, x-rays, ultra sounds and unexpected Vet expenses.

But Totally Worth It!

Finally, when a litter is born most of the time they require the breeder to bottle or tube feed them.  I spend every few hours with the litter and mother during feeding 24 hours a day for several days.  English Bulldogs are not the best at nurturing their pups for several reasons:  Sometimes after the C- section, they have trouble producing enough milk to feed their babies.  Also, they need extra care and attention.  This all requires the breeder to spend extra time in raising the puppies.

C-sections for English Bulldogs is necessary for several reasons as follows:  The puppies large head and shoulders usually can’t pass through the birth canal which requires a C- section.  Stress and heat factors may cause mom to struggle and their ability to push out a litter of pups can be REALLY stressful.  It is very time consuming compared to other breeds.  The English Bulldog is a very special animal and requires the help of humans to raise their litters for up to 8 weeks of age.  Granted, they are worth every bit of energy it takes to produce their offspring!  At the end of the day, having a loving English Bulldog makes life a millions times better!

Why Us?

All of our Bulldren arrive to your home with a full one year health guarantee.  Your new family member will have a current vaccine certificate and deworming schedule.  All pups are started on a quality soy free kibble!  I encourage everyone to continue feeding a premium food to eliminate unnecessary Vet visits.

With more than ten years of breeding English Bulldogs, ~IrresistaBulls~ has helped countless people find their next family member.  Many references available upon request.

English Bulldog Breeder in SC